Eco Terrorism I just caught a full episode of Whale Warriors on animal Planet last night. I have to say this. These people are nutters. The media of course loves this kind of spectacle so thanks very much Larry King for glorifying the endangerment of HUMAN lives.

On the other side you have the Japanese Whalers purporting these kills to be for the value of reaearch when they are piloting a factory ship and are making a quarter million for each whale harvested. What a joke. Killing whales unless you are an Inuit dependant upon their flesh for survival is wrong. Period. No excuse for it.

Still it doesn’t justify the ramming of the Japanese ships or throwing of glass bottles of acid. I don’t know how these loones talked Terri Irwin into endorsing their ship with her late husbands good name but I think that is an F’n disgrace. Steve was purportedly looking into doing an episode of the show on board the Whale Warroirs ship. In my mind he did not because he didn’t want to damage his celebrity and good name which have done so much for conservation around the globe.

My estimation both sides are really off in their morale compasses and need a good booty smackin. So who’s gonna dole out the whoopin? Ask Jim Baker or Jimmy Swaggart.

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