Respawner – The Web Series had a very special screening of it’s pilot episode this past weekend at Stellarcon 35. Anytime, something which once only existed in the demented minds of MVP slips over into our version of reality, it’s a special day. As my old man used to say, “Nothing worth doing is ever easy.”

We had a nice turnout for the screening. With no exaggeration whatsoever, I’m pleased to report that words like, “Amazing”, “Incredible” and “Extremely Talented” were being used to describe Respawner and Mutantville Productions. It was humbling and truly satisfying.

Todd A. Britt’s Respawner makeup was a “high point” (If you will pardon the pun as the screening was held in High Point, NC) producing an audible reaction from the viewers when first revealed on screen. One female audience member actually let out a small scream which definitely made me smile. Often, Todd’s work goes by in an instant on screen despite being very laborious to produce. In Respawner this is not the case. The program was always intended to be a real makeup effects heavy work and an opportunity to feature what our in house make-up guru can produce. You get to see the creature a LOT in this first installment.

During a very notable FX sequence, orchestrated by Toe Tag Effects, Gregory Hewitt and team, I glanced over and saw several attendee’s on the front row with huge grins on their faces.

The score was also commented on by viewers as being particularly effective. CutshawKane was represented at the screening by co-composer Brad Hord. We were definitely proud to have Brad in attendance. I think it’s a safe bet to presume there’ll be more from this dynamic team of musicians in future installments of the web series.

For my first directorial effort, I really felt validated to have such a warm reception. During the Q & A, the very first question was, “When will there be another?” I wanted to quote Fagan from Ep1 and proclaim, “Now, woah! Woah! Let’s not lose our shit here, Lady.” My answer was of course, “It depends on the interest we receive.” That is in fact a conversation for another Monday. This Monday we are celebrating the realization of Respawner – The Web Series. I feel like everyone’s hard work as really paid off in a pilot we can all be proud of.

For Respawner news, updates and info on future screenings visit the official Respawner website.


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