In anticipation of next months plans for shooting a new short horror film, “G.H.O.S.T.”, I’ve taken a little trip down memory lane, back to a time of friends pulling together to create something larger than themselves. A work of art that will stand the test of time and live a life all it’s own is something that, despite the sacrifices required is clearly worth doing. At least to this artist.

I stopped by and browsed through his collection of snaps from the making of “C For Chaos”. When I see myself, Streebo, Geo and the rest of the MVP’rs staring back at me in not so clear 2 mega pixel clarity, I don’t remember any of the hardships, only that it was one hell of a lot of fun.

During the 4 years of shooting, “C for Chaos” we had so much fun. We ran haunts at 2 Shriners Haunted Trail Benefits shows (Some of the most fun I have personally ever had), kicked off the Mutantville Players YouTube Channel with celebrity interviews, developed no less than 3 versions of, laid the foundation for the Mutantville Guerilla Film Makers Cookbook you’ll be hearing about soon, built the Mutantville theater aka Perfection Cinema, entertained about a million Youtube viewers and won several short film contests and forgotten more about indie film production than many will ever learn. It has truly been a blast.

For those of you lucky enough to be part of the cast and the crew of G.H.O.S.T., I hope you will all fully embrace and appreciate living in the artist moment. Being a part of it all. Accomplishing the creation of a film, short or otherwise is such a rare and wonderful thing. It’s something most people never even come to. So years from now after all the awards, contest wins and accolades are in the past you and look at the Mutantville archives on the DVD extras and see yourself, smiling back at you, happy to be a part of the golden time making true art. Can you EAR what I am saying here people?

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