Baby Brent

Another weekend has gone by with only some of the things I needed to get done actually getting accomplished. That seems to be the way of it. You set all these “to-do” tasks for yourself and then begin compromising your list almost immediately.

The weekend came and went in a predominantly satisfactory manner! With the exception of Liam who was coming down with a cold, we all made church on Sunday, though it wasn’t the best service I’ve ever been too. The pastor was away and things were a real mess, particularly the music. It happens, I just wish it didn’t have to happen so long and so off pitch. My patience was tested and I stayed in my chair so, “Praise God!” I love my church and the people in it, but that was just….rough. Everyone’s heart was in the right place though.

Sunrise in Charlotte

After a week of working at home, I rose early today with nervous energy to get back to the office and to some work which was waiting on me. It must have been 5:00 am when I walked out of the house. The sky was full of stars and so beautiful. I put the Pookster in his pen for the day and he wasn’t happy about that, but he’s so small and sleeps under the car, so it has to be done while we are at work.

The morning was actually crisp. I could have easily handled a light jacket. It’s the first time feeling a touch of fall in the air and I really love that. I’ve been consuming the “The Night Huntress” series of novels, via audible from a North Carolina author called, “Jeaniene Frost.” Having just finished the first novel, “Halfway to The Grave,” I started the follow up, “ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE.” It looks like this series has been extended to include 9 books with a spin off series which may include who knows how many. For the next year and 2 months I plan to consume as many of these as I can on my commute. They aren’t terribly original, having been based on a dream according to the author, to wit I’d say a dream right after she watched one of the Blade films. Basically a half vampire named, “Cat” goes around offing vampires by seducing them then surprising them with her super human power and speed. There is an interested sub-plot of older master vampires warring and all kinds of detail on her universe’s vampire society and rules. Enjoyable drive fodder narrated by the excellent, Tavia Gilbert. The one downside is that the stories do get a little harleqiunny and raunchy in parts. Apart from that I recommend the series for any of your vampire fans having to do a lot of driving. In book #2 the vampire huntress leads a government funded team of vampire exterminators and works some odd hours and lots of nights. It was kind of sweet listening to her adventures as I drove in to work in the dark.

When I arrived in the parking lot and made the 6-7 minute walk in, Charlotte was still sleeping, except for a few joggers. It was tranquil and nice.

19 more days to prepare for shooting my short film, Take That with Robert W. Filion. Fingers crossed that I handle all my business in time. Makeup effects are progressing, but it still worries me that things will be ready in time. I won’t rest until every shot we need is in the proverbial can. I don’t mind saying that I think the script is kind of something special. Should be very entertaining and funny.