In a blink, another month has gone by between posts. No sooner than I mention my focus shifting from finding another new role in the corporate world to free lance design work, than I’m offered a great new content development role with a company I still consider family, Wells Fargo. As of today, I’m back to commuting to downtown Charlotte and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. It seems like only a short time since my old team at Wachovia was phased out. In fact it has been 13 months. Even in that role I had been working remote for some years and rarely driving into Charlotte. There’s been a lot of upgrading to the roads and now it’s literally 4 lane all the way once, I get on Albemarle road. I’m really excited to be back in the mix as it were. While there’s plenty I can say in the plus column for working at home, it does get a little boring at times. You can’t go to lunch with professional friends or take part in office party’s & socializing events and as long as you do a great job and everything runs smoothly, you’re largely forgotten and taken completely for granted.

I have re-pointed my domain to this legacy blog site in order to cut down on the number of job offers my inbox receives from the various IT resume sites I’ve posted on while looking for a new role. I’ll try to update this site at least monthly. If you’re an old friend or acquaintance interested in catching up for seeing what I’m up to, I invite you follow me on Twitter (@BrentBowers )or friend me on Facebook. If you are here out of professional interest in recruiting me for another IT role, please visit my portfolio & resume site here.

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