As 2010 winds itself to a close and another 7 months has slipped by, it seems like a good time for an update to I sense that my artistic self is at a crossroads having spent the past several years producing various things, especially films, it’s time to move into a long term refining/post production stage where we (referring to Mutantville here of course) clear the slate and everything that’s been in post production is completely and utterly committed to it’s final form and published in some way or another.

I’ve also been away from the serious production of my music for far too long. In the past year and a half I’ve slowly started to work my way back into running a band, or working my music up for a 2 man acoustic performance type of delivery. News songs have came to me and through me. It’s getting close to recording time again. Additional opportunities have presented themselves and I’m working in a variety of musical groups at present. Details to follow as things fully pan out.

Some friendships have grown stronger over the past year, while others have waned certainly. Without getting into specifics I find that time seems to be a lot more valuable to me as my kids grow and the world around me continually changes. I really feel inclined to be a little more discerning about whom I let get such large chunks of my time.  That is not to save that I think I’m special by any means. I think each of us has to do this in our own way. Time is short for us all.

I’ll give an example that helps narrow down where my head is at these days. Let’s say I’ve got this friend Juan who is a landscape artist. Juan says to me every time I see him, “I just want to be the best land scaper I can be.” The only thing I can think of is that it must be great to have a singular ambition like that. If only things were so simple for me. I want to be the best dad, husband, songwriter musician, animator, film maker, grappler & writer I can be. My passion is like the light hitting a prism. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Rise and fall turn the wheel ’cause all life is, is really just a circle. BHTM

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