Mr. Serious – This is the look I give when Nancee insists on taking a photo when I’m not ready for a photo-op.

As I write Monday morning is coming down and it feels just fine after such a relaxed weekend. Saturday was dedicated to practice with Blak Saturn. After having a few weeks off due to the oppressive heat, we got back in the regular practice groove and had a pretty solid practice.We all have enough chemistry and familiarity with the material that it’s pretty easy to nail everything. Usually after a song or two we are really tight. It was still a bit warm in our practice room and if I had to name a gripe it would be that we all got a little loud, resulting in the power strip kicking off at one point.  I do enjoy playing with this band.

With Blak Saturn at a Recent Show

Sunday was church and then a few hours at my computer looking at needed updates to G.H.O.S.T. and T.F.M. I’m not going to call one of my buddies out here but I was stood up for a second time in a week getting together with someone on making audio fixes. I need to order a new 2 TB drive to move that stuff off of my ultra fast internal editing drive. I hope he can get it together this week because once that’s off the drive, it’ll be a matter of him doing it all. My frustration at projects  running on and on has increased a lot since I’ve made the decision to move my film making in a completely new direction. Not trying to be cryptic but, I’ll be sharing more about that later.


Later Sunday, Nancee and I watched a cool, made for TV Canadian series called, “Guns” starring the uber cute, Elisha Cuthbert. It’s a generic crime drama mini-series that was spun into a slightly longer than feature length movie.  I think I got it in an eBay lot of DVDs. What made it a little bit different was that the story was set in Toronto, yet nothing really seemed Canadian about it. Regardless, it was an interesting diversion for the evening. Hit the bed around 10:15.

I was at my desk at this morning after riding in to the smooth sounds of Carlos Santana’s “Supernatural.” I have to say that his playing on that record is so smooth as to almost be surreal. I fail to see how any guitar player could not canonize that guy’s technique and tone. Wow!

Work has been going fine, just a little slow at present. I’m updating my Sharepoint skills a bit today.

I hope to hook up with the soon-to-be-church band this week as well as start on a new video graphics package for Boomerang Church this week.

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