A Favorite Snack
A Favorite Snack

Well, I could say it was a great weekend but I’d be fibbing. Still, what’s the use of complaining? I seem to have damaged some vessels in my left, perhaps with my ear buds. I noticed some soreness there this week and on Sunday I woke up with that ear essentially completely closed off. It feels similar to a really bad head cold that’s drained all to one side and stopped up your ear, except I have no cold symptoms. It’s really been disconcerting to say the least. Nancee has put together some Nerve repair supplements for me and I’m trying to go the natural route to get the hearing back in lefty.

Apart from that, the week held some disappointments for me. I have a history of buying into folks who come off like my new best friend. I notice that there are certain personality types that do this and for some reason I always fall for you. You’re my best friend, Brento. Yeah, right. Ok. Maybe when I’m older I’ll stop believing that sort of statement until it is proved out. I don’t so much blame people for pulling that business with me then either getting tired of my energy and moving on or just losing interest, so much as I blame myself for falling for it. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

In other news, my son, Liam brought home a little kitten he rescued. I have always had a soft spot for animals but at first try to resist because ultimately I’ll be the sole care giver. Right not I’m caring for, feeding, cleaning etc for 2 outside cats and 2 outside dogs and now one indoor kitten, none of which I procure or expected to be taking up residence. That said I love them all. Anyways, Liam’s new kitten, Coda. Gee she is so sweet and cute it almost makes me sick. She loves to climb up on my and play anytime I sit down and when she’s sleepy she nestles up around my shoulders and neck and blinks out for a katnap. Kittens, like children when they are very young give that ultra-sweet unconditional love.

Well, Liam passed the 8th grade and while I know that he’s supposed to pass, it was sincerely in question for some time. He’s a good kid but not very good at applying himself and he’s lazy. As a motivational technique, I told him that if he indeed did pass the grade, I’d reward him with a gaming PC. His behavior isn’t really deserving such an extravagant gift and I am such a soft touch. I need to find a way to get his attitude adjusted before dropping such a chunk of change on this. Part of the issue is that I get caught up wanting things to be just a lot cooler for him at that age than things were for me. In other words, I tend to spoil him.

Last week wasn’t all bad. I did have my first production meeting with my new production group, whom for now shall remain nameless. The initial phases of writing and planning for a new feature film are underway. I should call it what it really is, my first feature film, if something like a feature film can be one person’s, which I’d say is practically impossible. I really like these people and think that they will be a lot of fun to work with. I’m just really looking forward to a new direction with some new folks.

The freedom is already inspiring me in ways I didn’t expect and of course I opened up the floor to my new partners for their input on the story. Already it’s become bigger and better than what I started with.

Now comes the writing. Even with the whacky ear issue and just not feeling great all day Sunday, I managed to get 7 pages into Act 1. To keep the concept from getting lifted either consciously or unconsciously, I’ll refer to it as “The Black Harvest,” on the pages of BrentBowers.com. Among the many things I learned in my 10 years with the old production group was that people don’t mind taking your ideas and running with it.

The Black Harvest may take years to write and produce but I am committed to keeping it clean and true to the original vision and also FUN! There will be a lot of prop building, lots of makeup with probably more than one artist and it’s just all totally exciting.

So last night, I saw the season opener of True Blood. I don’t know why I watch this crap. I really don’t. Last Wed the pastor was preaching on things that tempt you to do sinful things. I have to say that TB makes carnal sin the most bore thing I could imagine. Why? It’s because each and every episode has some gratuitous, over the top nudity or simulated sex. Yuck! Who’s making this garbage? How can you manage to make gorgeous women and cool vampire super powers so boring? It’s astounding. I did notice one new slow type of effect that they added in vamp on vamp fight scene that was pretty cool, but aside from that the whole thing just made me sad for the makers of the show. They need to be getting the writing mojo back for this final season. No more Dudes or chics kissing dudes or chics. You’ve already made your blatantly over-stated pro same-sex coupling statement. I don’t agree and moreover
I don’t care. It’s like watching a snake eat itself. They have no idea how to be ground breaking anymore. Alas, I am ready for Falling Skies and the next Season of Vikings in a big way.

Praise the lord, my ear just popped and some of the sound returned. God is great!