A Recent Render Work

I’ve recently become aware of just how cheap some really rare horror flicks have become when sold within lots on ebay. Pennies on the dollar, People! We’re talking slasher, occult, gore, werewolf, vampire and zombie cinema that until now has not cross the radar of most people. Most of it seems to come from the late 70’s and early 80’s it seems and is typically only available on VHS. So you may want to rethink throwing out that old 4 head $39.95 from Wally world. It might just come in handy.

Being one to appreciate all old horror movies, particularly the ones I missed the first time around, I’ve decided to take a journey of sight and sound back to the VHS graveyard to unearth some hidden treasures or in some cases rotting corpses of cinematic ambitions never realized. I’ll be carrying along my camera. You will bare witness. Stay tuned to the Mutantville Youtube Channel.

Johnny Brento

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