Just as I was leaving church today, an email popped in informing me that my host has received a complaint from their upstream provided that a page on one of my many sites was serving up an illegal script. I wish that this was the first or even the 5th time this has happened. The game runs a little like this, your hosts gives you a long painstaking list of things to fix, alter or change to make your site secure, or they are happy to fix things for you for a fee or either reset your entire hosting account. Half the time I think it is a scam for those of us you host sites under our main domain. Considering that 90% of all of my posts are to my facebook page, I need to take a long hard look at whether having my own paid webspace is even logical anymore. Between Youtube and Facebook, both free, I can do most of my web stuff without any charge. Why continued to pay over $100 a year for the redundancy? Why indeed.

This time I was able to ferret out the trouble which seem to have been planted in an old joomla install. The next time, who knows? I may just close my hosting account altogether. I really don’t need it.